Our Political Party Broadcasts

For our Politics topic, we formed Political parties. Please watch the videos below and leave us a comment. We will let you know the results of our election.
Here is the Party Political Broadcast for the Handy Helpers. Pay attention to the words of their song-You are not alone!

here is the Crimebusters video.

Here is the Life4Young video.

Here is the Sporty Spinners video.

Here is the Save the Earth video.

Scots Poetry

We have been writing Scots Poetry for the Itchy Coo Competition. Read and listen to them here.

 Click on the authors’ names to hear them reading the poems.

The Hackit Broon Thing by Ellie (click on my name to listen!)
The beastie crawlin up me arm
Eight hairy Lang black hans
Nae bonnie but broon
Its clarty hoose in the gairden
Is on me flooer pot
The wee beastie makin me scunnered
Drivin me up the wa
It winna leave me hoose
Stays inside to play
I’ve tried splating it wi books
But it doesnae really stay
I hate the hackit broon thing
Its crawlin up me leg
I’m nae proud o the beastie
When my mates come to stay
I flicket o me leg
It skites and hits ma wa
Nae moving and nae lowpin
I think I kilt it efter aw.  
By Ellie .

  The Papingo  by Emma

 The scruffy yella papingo

Fit a bletherie wee thing

Talkin awa to itsel a the time

Eatin the left oers

Fit a bonnie midden.  

A the carfuffle cleaned up

Just as ma maw came in

She hates the wee thing

The wee yella papingo Bletherin awa to itsel

My ma aint happy Thinkin a pittin it awa  

Now I’m nae happy

Pittin it awa

I da think so

Tell ya if she does

I’ll be ginging wee it                                 

 By Emma

  The Bubbly jock  by Rachel

The bubbly jock was affa tottie

A mingin, peelie-wally, yella tousie o a thing

Bides in an auld ganzie in the gairden

Wheechin aboot, makkin a muckle din

A glaikit bubbly jock bein coorse

 Greetin noo, disnae want tae be the denner !  

By Rachel M

  The bonnie golden dug   by Kieran D

Mi ma she loves mi dug

She dresses it up in fancy claes Breeks, ganzies and gutties

I think the auld gals gone loopy

She gies it smooches and bosies

And me ,I dinna  get ony 

Its nay even that bonnie

But I dinna really mind

At least I’ve still got me da  

By kieren

  The Cou  by Aiden. N

I wis lookin aroon

I saw a cou Playin wi its ma’

He started to rin

And fell flat on his phisog

When he stuid up

he stuid in his ain cou pat .

 Fit a daftie                   by Aiden. N